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At Reel Media we pride ourselves on our long lasting relationships with clients.  From talk shows, to reality shows, to cooking shows, to online shows, the most importat part of the business is the business of keeping connections.  We give our full attention to all of our clients whether we provide a small ENG crew, or head up your whole production, we love being part of your team.


"I've know and worked with Sam for over 15 years. When we first met I was doing audio as a side gig while production managing. As I got more entrenched into my career of managing productions, Sam progressed to honing his talents as a DP.
When I moved onto become the Line Producer of The Wendy Williams Show he became my main Director of Photography, I¹ve hired him to do all my shoots over the 8 years I¹ve been here. He¹s reliable, has a great eye and will do anything you ask of him. including hanging out of the back of a mini van on the West Side Highway to shoot different beauty shots of a car that we were doing an integration with.
He¹s great and will continue to be my go to guy, no matter where I work as long as I hire crews".

- Ray Noia

Line Producer, The Wendy Williams Show

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